Magic ball

Magic ball

See the world through a magic crystal ball: it is upside down! Soothsayers and fortune-tellers use them to see into the future. Balls are also magnifying glasses. Caution: Do not place in the sun - fire hazard!

Our balls are made freely by hand and have no beginning and no end. We finish them with a clear finish or wild air bubbles, which arise almost magically through craftsmanship.
Care recommendations (print version)
Item Description Dimensions CHF Quantity Info Engraving
757.1 Magic ball Ø 65 mm 55.00

757.2 Magic ball Ø 75 mm 75.00

757.3 Magic ball Ø 85 mm 95.00

757.4 Magic ball Ø 95 mm 130.00

757.5 Magic ball Ø 105 mm 160.00

757.6 Magic ball Ø 120 mm 190.00

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