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Glasi Bonus


Every purchase is credited to your personal customer account. You are entitled to a CHF 25 voucher for every CHF 500 in total purchases. The vouchers are sent twice a year (April and October) by post or email. Remaining credit is carried over to the following period. You can redeem the Glasi loyalty vouchers as a means of payment in the 1st and 2nd choice shop in Hergiswil or in the Glasi WebShop at


Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Participation in the Glasi loyalty bonus is not linked to any obligations for Glasi customers. The data will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be passed on to third parties. Customers can opt out of participating in the loyalty bonus at any time. Glasi Hergiswil must be informed of this by e-mail or telephone. Engravings, the purchase of vouchers, shipping costs, admissions and other services are excluded from the loyalty bonus. On the other hand, the redemption of vouchers counts towards sales. The Glasi voucher can be redeemed up to the printed expiration date. A payment in cash, a replacement service and an extension are excluded. Clubs, companies and employees of Glasi Hergiswil are excluded from participating in the loyalty bonus. Glasi Hergiswil reserves the right to make changes to the Glasi loyalty system or to end the program at any time.


As of May 2023